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– Est 1978 –

Sell Gold

Many people are unaware of the true value of their gold in today’s prices. More often than not the price of gold increases in value over time.

If you are interested in receiving a free and no obligation evaluation of any gold items, then why not visit our store and we will be happy to help. We also provide a free online evaluation service if you are unable to visit the store. Just follow these simple steps for a valuation of your gold online.

Gold Valuations In-store

If you are looking for a prompt service, then just bring your gold to our store and we are happy to provide a valuation whilst you wait. Why not peruse what we have in store today. Your gold can be used in part-exchange if you happen to fall in love with any items in-store. We look forward to seeing you.

Complete our online valuation form

Tell us about the gold you would like to sell by filling in the form below.

Please attach a photograph of all your items together, and include as much information as possible.

Wait for our valuation and our reply

When we receive your email, we will carry out an initial valuation.

If we require further information we'll contact you.

Send your gold securely to us

If you are happy with the valuation received, then please send your gold to us along with your details.

We recommend that you send your gold through an insured courier for peace of mind.

Final valuation & payment

Upon receipt of your gold, we will make a fair and final evaluation & valuation.

Upon your acceptance we'll make payment to the account of your choice.

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