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Watch Repair

Time is precious and we all love our watches. Whether precious heirlooms or everyday timepieces, we can ensure that they continue running beautifully with our watch repair and restoration services.

Our specialists love restoring watches to their former glory, so if you are having problems with yours, then just pop into our store and we can help.

We also recommend having watches serviced to keep them running in tip top condition. 

Each brand varies in its servicing requirements and can vary between 3 to 5 years. We would be happy to advise.

Watch Repair

Inspection & Assessment

Our trained staff will carry out a visual inspection & assessment of your watch when you come to the store.

They will discuss your options and estimated repair price.

Book your watch in for repair

If our in-house technician can fix the problem, then we can book your precious timepiece in if you are happy to proceed following a discussion.

Manufacturer approved repairs

There are times when a watch may require further investigation or have more complex problems.

We send your watch securely to an approved service centre specialising in your particular brand.

Final cleaning and inspection

After repair and testing, we ensure that your timepiece is cleaned and looking good enough to go back on your wrist.

Book your watch repair or service today